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Call for Papers: Towards A Decolonial History of the South: Beyond Utopianism and Orientalism


Center of Study and Investigation for Decolonial Dialogues

Centre for Ethnicity and Racism Studies, University of Leeds, UK

Islamophobia Research and Documentation Project, University of California, Berkeley


ReOrient & Islamophobia Studies Journal

1st Critical Muslim Studies Conference

Conference Dates: June 23-24 , 2018

Location: Granada, Spain

The Granada Critical Muslim Studies Summer school has been at the forefront of intellectual engagements between decolonial approaches and the analysis of Muslims, Islam and the Islamicate. It has been part of a broader intellectual project which is represented by two academic journals (Islamophobia Studies and ReOrient), a book series (Decolonial Horizons) and websites. The proliferation of these platforms opens the possibility of moving from epistemic critique towards the production of knowledge in a post-Western key. The task of critique of pointing out the inadequacies of current approaches to situating the Muslim experience and the experience of the global South must be reinforced by the articulation of an alternative.

The challenges to envisioning such an alternative come from two sources. Firstly, the continuation of old Orientalist framework enhanced by a decade and more of the infrastructure of the war on terror has institutionalised Islamophobia including in the academy. Secondly, the hegemony of neo-liberalism has strengthened liberalism in its flight from the political, as a consequence, the attempt to produce alternative frames are undermined by a refusal to comprehend the constitutive role of the exercise of power. Thus, the liberation becomes and becomes a little endorsement of an underlying and hegemonic liberalism creating a nihilism that suspends any possibility of transforming the world as it is.

Proposals should explore themes that touch on one or more of the following:

1. Thinking through and inclusion of diversity of epistemologies that centers the Global South.

2. Seminal political, social, economic, religious and literary texts from the Global South so as to expand the basis of theorization for future possibilities.

3. Re-conceptualization of decolonial time and history and the demarcation of decolonial time.

4. A decolonial economic theorization rooted in cooperative, transformative and co-dependent modalities that are sustainable and fair across the globe.

5. Art, culture and modes of artistic expression that challenges commodification and uplift the human condition while being organically connected to history and society.

The Granada Summer School in cooperation with [UC Berkeley Ethnic Studies Department, CERS, Iqbal Centre, and IRDP] invites papers across existing disciplinary boundaries to contribute towards a prolegomenon to decolonial world history. We welcome papers that do more than just critique and help flesh what an alternative to the Eurocentric production of knowledge.

Paper proposals should consist of a paper title and 300-word abstract and a one paragraph bio for the program if the paper is accepted. Please send these to the attention of Professors Ramon Grosfoguel, Salman Sayyid and Hatem Bazian.

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