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Countdown to 8th Annual Islamophobia Conference

Tentative Conference Schedule

8th Annual Islamophobia Conference

Islamophobia and the end of liberalism?

            Center for Race and Gender’s Islamophobia Research and Documentation Project, University of California, Berkeley | Centre for Ethnicity and Racism Studies | University of Leeds, UK | Zaytuna College, Berkeley | GTU’s Center for Islamic Studies | Islamophobia Studies Journal & Re-Orient  

Conference Dates: April 21-23, 2017


Booth Auditorium, Boalt Hall, Berkeley School of Law, UC Berkeley


Friday April 21st

8:30-9:30 am Conference Opening

Hatem Bazian

Director of IRDP, Editor-in-Chief, Islamophobia Studies Journal, Lecturer, UC Berkeley and Professor Zaytuna College, California (U.S.A.)

“Trumpism: A Symptom of Islamophobia and the End of Liberalism.”

9:30am – 11:15am – Panel 1

Panel Chair:

Munir Jiwa

Associate Professor and Director of GTU’s Center for Islamic Studies (U.S.A.)

Farid Hafez

Fulbright Visiting Professor at University of California, Berkeley and Lecturer and Researcher, Department of Political Science, University of Salzburg (Austria)

“Schools of Thought in Islamophobia Studies: Prejudice, Racism and Decoloniality.”

Derya Iner

Ph.D., Senior Lecturer and Research Coordinator at the Centre for Islamic Studies, Charles Sturt University (Australia)

“From the End of Liberalism to the Rise of Exceptionalism: Halal Debate and the Muslims in Australia.”

Adnan Husain

Associate Professor of Medieval Mediterranean and Islamic World History, and Director of the Muslim Societies, Global Perspectives Initiative, Queen’s University (Canada)

“Muslim Question and the New Christendom: Medieval Geopolitical Theologies and the End of Liberalism.”

Shaireen Rasheed

Professor of Philosophical Foundations and Diversity/Social Justice, College of Education, Long Island University, New York (U.S.A.)

“The Moderate Muslim and the Liberal Bargain: Foucault and the Biopolitics of Race.”

11:30am – 12:30pm – Panel 2

Panel Chair:

Marianne Farina

Associate Professor, Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology in Berkeley and a faculty member Center for Islamic Studies, Graduate Theological Union

Khaled Beydoun

Associate Professor of Law, University of Detroit Mercy School of Law; Senior Affiliated Faculty, University of California at Berkeley, Islamophobia Research & Documentation Project, California (U.S.A.)

“Acting Muslim.”

Leti Volpp

Robert D. and Leslie Kay Raven Professor of Law in Access to Justice, UC Berkeley School of Law

“Intersectionality of law, Islamophobia and immigration.”

Jinan Bastaki

PhD from School of Oriental and African Studies, London (U.K.)

“Reading history into law: Who is worthy of reparations?”

Nadiya Ali

Ph.D. Candidate, Political Sociology, York University, Toronto (Canada)

“(Mus)interpreted = Misinterpreted + Muslim Interpreted: (Re)imagining place, belonging an emancipation in a Islamophobic age”

12:30pm – 2:00pm – Lunch Break

2:00pm – 3:45pm – Panel 3

Panel Chair:

Kristin George

Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Sociology, UC Berkeley

Saeed Khan

Lecturer, Departments of Near East & Asian Studies, Global Studies and History, Wayne State University (U.S.A.)

“Fallacies of Foundational Principles: Rawls Liberalism and its Connection to Islamophobia”

S. Sayyid

Professor of Social Theory and Decolonial Thought, Faculty of Education, Social Sciences and Law, Leeds University (U.K.)

“Islamophobia and Authoritarian Populism”

Nader Hashemi

Director of the Center for Middle East Studies, Associate Professor of Middle East and Islamic Politics at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies, University of Denver.

“Liberal Islamophobia: The 2016 Presidential Election and the Muslim Question”

Maytha Alhassen

Department of American Studies & Ethnicity, University of Southern California, California(U.S.A.)

“From 9/11 to 11/9 and Beyond: The Orientalist Muslim as the foil for the erosion of civil liberties”

4:00pm – 5:45pm – Panel 4

Panel Chair:

Rhonda Itaoui

Ph.D. Candidate and Visiting Scholar, CRG and IRDP, UC Berkeley

Basit Iqbal

PhD Student, Department of Anthropology and the Program in Critical Theory, UC Berkeley

“Dialectics or Caesura in the World of Liberalism”

Salman Al-Azami

Senior Lecturer, English Language, Liverpool Hope University (U.K.)

“Islamophobia or Irresponsible Journalism? A Critical Discourse Analysis of right wing tabloids’ portrayals of British Muslims”

Wahiba Abu-ras

Associate Professor, School of Social Work, Adelphi University, New York (U.S.A.)

“The Impact of Islamophobia On Muslim Americans during the 2016 Election Campaign”

Seyfeddin Kara

PhD in Islamic Studies, University of Durham (U.K.)

“A comparative assessment of hate crimes against British Muslims in 2010 and 2014”

6:00pm – 7:30pm Dinner

7:30pm- 10:00pm Booth Auditorium

A special premiere screening – Booth Auditorium

“The Sultan and the Saint”, a new docudrama film produced by Unity Productions Foundation (UPF), tells a lost story about Muslim-Christian peace.

Saturday April 22, 2017

8:30am – 10:15am Panel 5

Panel Chair:

Kristin George

Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Sociology, UC Berkeley

Azeezah Kanji

Director of Programming at Noor Cultural Centre, a Muslim educational and cultural institution in Toronto (Canada)

“Settler/Terrorist: Islamophilia and Islamophobia in Canadian Discourses on Syrian Refugees”

Lucy El-Sherif

PhD Student, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), University of Toronto (Canada)

“What’s in a label? Tracing Islamoracism scholarship in Canada”

Naved Bakali

Ph.D., McGill University in Educational Studies, Research Affiliate with the Canadian Network for Research on Terrorism, Security and Society, Montreal (Canada)

“Far-Right Populism and Islamophobia in Canada”

Waqas Tufail

Scholar Activist and Senior Lecturer in Criminology, Leeds Beckett University (U.K.)

“From ‘Grooming Gangs’ to Racist Murder: Racialization and Criminalization of Muslims in Neoliberal Britain”

10:30am – 12 Noon – Panel 6

Panel Chair

Maxwell Leung

Assistant Professor in the Critical Studies Program at California College of the Arts (U.S.A.)

May Kosba

Ph.D. Student, Center for Islamic Studies at the Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, California (U.S.A.)

“From Ikhwanophobia to Islamophobia: Post-Colonial Cultural Nationalism in Post-Revoutionary Egypt”

Raja Abdulhaq

Graduate Student, International Affairs at Brooklyn College, New York (U.S.A.)

“Demonizing “Political Islam” and the Process of Socialization of Muslims”

Angela Kahil

Professor of History, Geopolitics and International Relations, teaching, Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (Lebanon)

“Islamophobia as a misunderstanding of social and political conflicts in muslim countries: questioning “Freedom” in Islam.”

Sajid Iqbal

Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Islamic Thought & Civilization, University of Management and Technology Lahore and Lecturer in its Sialkot Campus (Pakistan)

“Is it political response to Islamophobia? An appraisal of journey from political Islamist to Muslim Democrats of Al-Nahda Tunisia”

12:00pm – 1:00pm lunch

1:00pm – 2:45pm panel 7

Panel Chair:

Khalid Kadir

Lecturer, Global Poverty & Practice (GPP) Program, Political Economy, and the College of Engineering, UC Berkeley (U.S.A.)

Margaret Aziza Pappano

Associate Professor of English Literature at Queen’s University, Ontario (Canada)

“Eating Right: Halal Meat and Pork-Based Identities in Europe”

George Sanikidze

Professor and Director of the Institute of Oriental Studies, Ilia State University (Georgia)

“Muslim Communities of Georgia: Old Problems and New Challenges”

Rezart Beka

Ph.D. Student in Arabic and Islamic Studies, Georgetown University (U.S.A.)

“Islamophobia in the Contemporary Albanian Public Discourse”

Azadeh Hourmanesh Weber

Ph.D. Candidate, Clinical Psychology Program at California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco (U.S.A.)

“The silent treatment of self-efficacy in corporate culture”

3:00pm – 4:45pm – Panel 8

Khalid Kadir

Lecturer, Global Poverty & Practice (GPP) Program, Political Economy, and the College of Engineering, UC Berkeley (U.S.A.)

Jasmin Zine

Professor, Sociology & The Muslim Studies Option, Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, Ontario (Canada)

“Muslim Counter-Publics: Challenging Islamophobia through the Arts as Anti-Colonial Public Pedagogy.”

Munir Jiwa

Associate Professor, Director of GTU’s Center for Islamic Studies, California (U.S.A.)

“Post-Truth Provocations, Power Politics and the Possibilities of Public Assembly.”

Yassir Morsi

Lecturer in Politics, La Trobe University and Post-Doctoral Researcher, International Centre for Muslim and Non-Muslim Understanding at the University of South Australia (Australia)

“The Apollonian Mask: A discussion on the aesthetics of Liberalism in the War on Terror.”

Sunera Thobani

Associate Professor at the Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice at the University of British Columbia (Canada)

“Muslim Women’s Bodies and Islamophobia Liberal Discourses.”

5:00pm – 7:30pm – Dinner

7:30pm – 10:00pm Zaytuna College, 2401 Le Conte

Spoken word and cultural performance jointly with Zakat Foundation “America is US!”

Sunday, April 23, 2017

9:00am – 10:45am panel 10

Panel Chair:

Farid Hafez

Fulbright Visiting Professor at University of California, Berkeley and Lecturer and Researcher, Department of Political Science, University of Salzburg (Austria)

Zeinab Dahir

Graduate Student, Gender and Women’s Studies, Minnesota State University (U.S.A.)

“On the Surveillance of Black Muslims.”

Yousr El Sharawy

Graduate Student, Political Science & International Development, University of Guelph (Canada)

“The Clash of Extremism: Imagining the West & ISIS through the lens of Huntington and Said.”

Khadijeh Rakie

Human Rights Specialist at McMaster, co-lead for the University’s first initiative on Challenging Islamophobia (Canada)

The Challenges of Challenging Islamophobia on Campus

Ahlam Muhtaseb

Department of Communication Studies, California State University, San Bernardino (U.S.A.)

“US Mainstream Media Having a Real Paradigm Shift in Its Representation of Muslims & Islam?”

11:00am – 12:45pm panel 11

Panel Chair:

Elsadig Elsheikh

Global Justice Program, Haas Institute for Fair and Inclusive Society

Sara Abdel-Latif

Ph.D. Candidate, Department for the Study of Religion, University of Toronto (Canada)

Maryam Khan

Ph.D. Candidate in the school of Social Work at York University, Toronto (Canada)

Sarah Shah

Ph.D. Candidate and lecturer in the Department of Sociology at the University of Toronto (Canada)

“Intersectional Subjectivities: Queer Muslim Positionality Resisting Binaristic Constructions.”

Sana Tayyen

Lecturer of Religion, University of Southern California, California (U.S.A.)

“From Orientalist Sexual Object to Burkini Terrorist Threat: Muslim Women through an Evolving Lens.”

Zainab Mourad

Ph.D. Student, Sociology of Education at Western Sydney University (Australia)

“Neoliberalism, Islamophobia and Arabic Muslim youth in Australian public and private primary schools.”

Paula Thompson

Ph.D. Student, Center for Islamic Studies, Graduate Theological Union, California (U.S.A.)

“The Muslim Social Contract: Structured Limits Through Securitization.”

1:00pm – 2:00pm Lunch

2:15pm – 4:00pm Panel 12

Academic Freedom, Islamophobia and Palestine- Round Table Discussion

Panel Chair:

Rabab Abdulhadi

Senior Scholar in Arab and Muslim Ethnicities and Diasporas Studies and Associate Professor of Ethnic Studies/Race and Resistance Studies.

Saliem Shehadeh

MA Graduate Student in Anthropology and Arab and Muslim Ethnicities and Diasporas Studies at SF State and member of the General Union of Palestine Students.

Claude Marks

Freedom Archives and former journalist and political prisoner Alborz and Blanca

4:00pm – 5:45pm Panel 13

Panel Chair:

Maxwell Leung

Assistant Professor in the Critical Studies Program at California College of the Arts (U.S.A)

Zahra Billoo

Executive Director, SF-Bay Area Chapter of the Council for American Islamic Relations, California (U.S.A.)

“On the Front Lines of Islamophobia and Resistance.”

Huma Dar

Lectures in Race & Resistance Studies Program, Department of Ethnic Studies and Department of Gender & Women’s Studies at SFSU, California (U.S.A.)

“Indian Exceptionalism, Brahminical Islamophobia, the Limits of Left-Liberal Politics.”

Rhonda Itaoui

Ph.D. Candidate and Visiting Scholar, CRG and IRDP, UC Berkeley (Australia and U.S.A.)

Mapping Islamophobia in the ‘liberal’ Bay Area, California

Closing Remarks:

Hatem Bazian, IRDP, UC Berkeley and Zaytuna College

Co-Sponsored By: Asian American and Asian Diaspora Studies, Ethnic Studies, Near Eastern Studies, Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Asian Law Caucus, Al-Falah Program of the Center for Middle Eastern Studies, University of California, Berkeley. Arab and Muslim Ethnicities and Diaspora Studies, SFSU School of Ethnic Studies, Council on American Islamic Relations, Center for Islamic Studies of the Graduate Theological Union, Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society, Islamic Scholarship Fund, Muslim Student Association, Northern California Islamic Council, and Zaytuna College, Network Against Islamophobia, a project of Jewish Voice for Peace.


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