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Launchgood Ramadan Campaign: Islamophobia is the new status quo

Islamophobia has left the Muslim community vulnerable and facing grave danger. Racist rhetoric has already translated into violent and deadly incidents across the country, with further armed threats directed at Muslim institutions now almost a daily occurrence.
We need a more sustained response that both examines the roots of Islamophobia, and provides the empirical data to quantify the problem. Only then can we develop the tools required to educate policymakers on how best to counter Islamophobia.

In 2017 Muslim citizenship, belonging & loyalty in today’s America is under question; open bigotry & racism against Muslims is met with thunderous applause & a road to seats of power.

Islamophobia has become the official policy which enabled the current government to garner support and execute xenophobic policies putting into place a Muslim travel ban.  For this reason Islamophobia has become the norm in civil society, and does not just affect Muslims- it foreshadows future civil rights violations for other minorities; condoning a course of action that threatens the very foundation of the U.S.

Islamophobia has painted a perilous picture regarding Islam and Muslims as a threat, while distracting from the real political, social, economic and racial issues facing America.  While politicians mobilize to address “creeping shariah”, African Americans are being killed, economic disparities widen, and climate change is upon us.

Anti-Muslim bigotry has made it possible for the re-emergence of overt racism in America, across many parts of Europe, and in many countries of the Muslim world.  Never before has open critique of any religion been as acceptable as it is today for Islam.  Today the American-right, the European-left, and the media demonize Islam without repercussion; they form laws to regulate the bodies and space of Muslim communities around the globe and have constituted an environment in which it is impossible for Muslims to be equal and accorded civil and human rights.

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Hani Kharufeh